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Fiberfab Jamaican V8


Fiberfab Jamaican


Project number one is a Fiberfab Jamaican. The Jamaican is a body that was introduced by Fiberfab in the late 60s. Before I bought this one, I had never heard of, much less seen a Jamaican. The body lines were based loosely on the Lamborghini Miura.. I still don't think that it's the best looking body ever designed but I like it because of it's uniqueness (anybody can buy and build a Cobra...right?) One of the things I like best about this design is the readily available glass. The windshield is from a 63-67 Corvette, the rear glass is a 69 Porsche 911 (picked up for $39 on ebay), and the side glasses are VW Karmann Ghia. This particular body was purchased in the late 90s still in the original crate. Fiberfab designed these bodies to replace early MG, Triumph TR3, and Austin Healy bodies. Construction is of fiberglass and sits on a custom built 2X4-2X2 steel frame which was patterned after an AC Cobra frame. The frame design was altered to fit this body and has a 94" wheelbase. 

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The running gear is from a 78 Ford Mustang Cobra and consists of a front coilover suspension with rack and pinion steering. The rearend is an 8" Ford adjustable 4 bar/link system and has been narrowed significantly to fit under the fenders. A six point rollcage has also been installed. The Ford 5.0 roller cam engine is from a 1990 Ford Mustang GT. It was originally fuel injected and came stock with 225 HP. The fuel injection was dropped in favor of a Holley street dominator intake and a Holley 600 carb. The transmission is a Ford C4 which also came from the 78 Mustang donor car. It has been completely rebuilt along with the engine. Wiring was accomplished using a wiring harness from Doc's House of Bolts. I highly recommend their harness because of it's simplicity and low price. The fusebox is pre-wired and all wiring is color-coded and labeled. It has full Autometer instrumentation including a 160 mph speedometer, 8k tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, fuel level, and transmission temp. I will be adding new pictures as work is completed. Work that has yet to be completed includes building and mounting the fuel cell, prepping and painting the body, final mounting of the glass, installing the door latches, and finishing the interior. Weight will be around 1800 lbs. when completed. Should give the SupraTruck a run for its money. Above is a picture of what the car will look like once completed. I have inserted some pictures of the work in progress below:

jamaicanpic_001.jpg (119527 bytes)  jamaicanpic_002.jpg (85750 bytes) jamaicanpic_003.jpg (103909 bytes)  jamaicanpic_004.jpg (99023 bytes) jamaicanpic_005.jpg (103111 bytes)


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